6 Worthwhile Ways To Use Body Language To Get What You Want

6 Worthwhile Ways To Use Body Language To Get What You Want|PakistanTribe.com

6 Worthwhile Ways To Use Body Language To Get What You Want|PakistanTribe.comFrom landing a job to losing weight, these body language tricks can do the work for you.

To Land a Job

Instead of sitting poised in the waiting room, run through a couple of power poses, such as raising your arms in a V or standing with your hands on your hips in the bathroom or elevator. Research from social psychologist Amy Cuddy has shown that holding these postures for just two minutes can lower stress and increase feelings of power.

To Correct A Mistake

Mind your chin, says Greg Hartley, a former U.S. Army interrogator and a body language expert. If it’s too high, you look indignant; too low, you look weak. Keep your chin centered to exude confidence and compromise.

To Speak Persuasively

A low-pitched voice inspires confidence from those around you, according to a study from McMaster University in Canada. You don’t have to fake it relax before speaking by keeping your lips together and repeating mmm-hmm a few times, suggests Forbes body language expert Carol Kinsey Goman. Stress can constrict your vocal cords, making your voice come out higher than usual.

To Be Creative

Gesture with both hands while brainstorming. When Singapore, researchers asked subjects to come up with unique uses for a building complex, those who talked out solutions with both hands had more creative ideas than those who brainstormed with just one hand.

To Lose Weight

A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research showed that dieters who flexed their arm muscles when offered a choice between a candy bar and an apple were more likely to make the healthy choice than those who didn’t clench their muscles.

To Calm Kids

A slow voice has a soothing effect, while a loud, fast voice can stimulate anger or fear, according to a University of Maryland, Baltimore County, study. Teach your kids these benefits by playing a game with them during which you say a sentence, pausing for five seconds between words.


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