Miracle: Baby Born And Living Without Skull

Miracle: Baby Born And Living Without Skull |PakistanTribe.com

Miracle: Baby Born And Living Without Skull |PakistanTribe.comJaxon Buell was born without a large part of his skull and brain. Doctors told Brandon and Brittany Buell their son wouldn’t live past a few weeks. In August, the family celebrated his first birthday.

After many months of tests and misdiagnoses, doctors finally diagnosed Jaxon with micro-hydranencephaly, a severe brain malformation for which there is no known cure.

Jaxon’s short life has not been without struggle, and his parents’ candid accounts on social media have garnered global attention.

In a September Facebook pst, Brandon Buell explained the couple’s decision to continue the pregnancy after learning at a 17-week untrasound their son had something wrong.

“When we first learned there were concerns for Jax during the pregnancy, we were given the options of carrying him to term or having an abortion because there was the unknown issue.

Miracle: Baby Born And Living Without Skull |PakistanTribe.comMiracle: Baby Born And Living Without Skull |PakistanTribe.com

Here is the video of baby:

Miracle baby Jaxon Buell shows off his walking… by resse-eolka

No doctor could tell us exactly what was wrong or what to expect, but we did make sure to ask if Jaxon was in pain or was suffering, and we asked if there were any added risks for Brittany during the pregnancy or potentially at time of delivery. Since the answer to both questions was “no,” we never came close to considering abortion.

Yes, we are Christians, and our faith has certainly been vital during this entire journey for our family, but we’re still realists. Had there been any suffering in the womb or a danger involved other than Jaxon possibly not being able to live outside the womb because of the concern for his head and brain, then we certainly would have had a different discussion.

However, that wasn’t the case, and it was our choice, and only our choice.”

A Facebook page, Jaxon Strong, has over 200,000 “likes,” and a GoFudMe page has received nearly $100,000 in donations, which go toward the family’s monthly expenses, including Jaxon’s medical bills.

Miracle: Baby Born And Living Without Skull |PakistanTribe.com

Jaxon cannot eat on his own and relies on a feeding tube for nutrition but his dad tells,  it’s one of the only differences between him and most other children.


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