Shocking: A Snake With Human Head

Shocking: A Snake With Human Head |

Shocking: A Snake With Human Head |PakistanTribe.comSome Malaysian aborigines captured a very strange cobra snake with human head on its body. It was discovered in the Wildlife Mountains and was brought to an animal park.

The people all over Malaysia and rest of the world were mesmerized with strange kind of snakes.The animal watchers rushed towards the animal park to see the amazing creature.

The Cobra snake with Human head was spotted by two men in the Wildlife Mountains of Malaysia. It was not one but two snakes were reported by the men.
Here is the video of human headed snake!

Snake with Human Head by siasitalk

However, Malaysian aborigines were able to capture only one deadly beast. The other had escaped into the mountains. The captured monster was brought into the animal park for further information about it.

It was discovered at the animal park that the captured cobra was a female. They were not able to find the male in the wildlife again.

Shocking: A Snake With Human Head |

Some eye witnesses also claimed that the captured female snake had begged to be released in the mountains again. Some also said that the snake was trying to summon her male counterpart to rescue her form captivity.

There was much other news spared about the strange cobra snake in Malaysia until it was released from Animal Park after ten day.

Shocking: A Snake With Human Head |

The Malaysian aborigines have performed many experiments on the deadly monster before deciding to release it back to the wildlife habitat.

According to them, it was not possible to keep the deadly snake alive for a long time in captivity. It was released into the wildlife Mountains after a captivity of ten days at the animal Park.


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