Do You Know The World’s Greatest Food City

Do You Know The World's Greatest Food City |

Do You Know The World's Greatest Food City |PakistanTribe.comGermany’s capital Berlin identifies as the world’s greatest food city. Here’s the facts why it is so called the greatest food city. 

According to New York-based Saveur magazine’s latest Good Taste Awards, you’re doing the right thing if you

1. eat vegetarian food in Berlin,

2. know za’atar is a Middle Eastern spice mix and

3. understand that the “zero-kilometer movement” is a new food trend.

In addition to naming the world’s best food city, this year’s survey includes some interesting new categories.

The magazine’s Next Big Little Thing award, for example, goes to AGA, a four-table restaurant in the Italian Dolomites village of San Vito di Cadore.

It’s described as the perfect example of the “zero-kilometer movement,” a farm-to-table dining concept that requires all ingredients be foraged or hunted within or near the restaurant property.

Tartine Bakery in San Francisco and The Bread Lab at Washington State University which work closely with each other were named Bread Revolutionaries of the year.

Stinky food from Shaoxing, China, was called the Good Taste in a Most Unusual Form.

Already a delicacy in many Asian countries, fermented tofu is recommended because it’s “something that isn’t what people immediately think of when they think of good taste,” Saveur editor in chief Adam Sachs tells.


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