Shocking: Now Supercomputer Can Predict Your Death

Shocking: Now Supercomputer Can Predict Your Death |

Shocking: Now Supercomputer Can Predict Your Death |PakistanTribe.comResearchers have reportedly created a supercomputer that has the ability to predict when a patient will die with 95 percent accuracy.

The researchers at Beth Israel Medical Center have fed the device with data from 250,000 patients over the past 30 years so the supercomputer can make a speedy and accurate diagnosis.

The big picture is that we’re trying to harness the power of big data,” said Dr. Steve Horng, the lead on the project, “If you come in, we can take everything we know about you, both in your current visit and previous visits. We can compare that to other patients with similar conditions, and predict diagnoses you might have in the future.”

The supercomputer is efficient at gathering data, as well. In fact, it collects data every three minutes and measures everything from oxygen levels to blood pressure. And if you think the super computer is out to replace a physician, think again!

“Our goal is not to replace the clinician,” said Horng .

“The artificial intelligence is really about the augmenting of doctor’s ability to take care of patients. We can predict with 96 percent confidence when patients (are facing a high) probability of dying.

If the computer says you’re going to die, you probably will die in the next 30 days.”

The supercomputer has some obvious functional benefits, including: speedier diagnosis, predicting patient outcomes, gathering data rapidly, and spotting illness based on data analysis.

That said, only time will tell if hospitals will roll out supercomputers to help doctors with their day-to-day work.

This article was originally published in iDigital Times.


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