Alarming: First Signs Of Depression You Should Never Ignore

Alarming: First Signs Of Depression You Should Never Ignore |

Alarming: First Signs Of Depression You Should Never Ignore |PakistanTribe.comThe first symptoms of depression are often times not clearly visible. Therefore a lot of people do not pay special attention to the symptoms, which makes it harder to diagnose depression.

These are some of the most common depression symptoms:

Sadness and moodiness

Mostly sad, grouchy and moody throughout the day.

Anxiety and nervousness

Experiencing sudden bursts of anxiety and sadness, existential fear or (fear of the future), indefinite feeling of fear, alienation, absence and unwillingness to be in company of others.

Decreased energy

Experiencing daily changes in energy levels can be a symptom of depression. Usually, depressive individuals have more energy in the evening hours.

Poor concentration and memory

Absent-mindedness, confusion and indecisiveness.


Having difficulty falling asleep or constant waking up during the night, waking up early in the morning, at least 2 hours before the usual time after which the person is no longer able to fall asleep again. Moreover, as a result of reduction in total sleep, many depressive people try sleeping during the day. Because of this, these people often feel bad in the morning, right after waking up. They are moody and cannot get out of bed.

Negative thoughts

These thoughts are often accompanied by excessive sense of guilt. These people worry too much about the past or current issues (obsessive thoughts). Also they question their behavior towards other people in the past and blame themselves for neglecting others, as well as for all the bad things that happened to them. Moreover, they feel hatred and disgust for themselves.

Feeling of loss

Feeling of failure, loss of reputation and money, feeling betrayed by loved ones or death of loved ones can lead to a feeling of inferiority, loss of self-esteem and self-confidence usually followed by a fear of abandonment and losing a close person.

Indifference and loss of interest

Having a difficulty to enjoy all or nearly all activities, the inability to laugh and achieve satisfaction in various areas of life as well as decrease of sexual desire.


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