Top 5 Facials You Must Try Out Once In Life Time

Top 5 Facials You Must Try Out Once In Life Time |

Top 5 Facials You Must Try Out Once In Life Time |PakistanTribe.comEvery women wants to look beautiful, so facials enhance women’s beauty.

Here are 5 facials we select, which you must try out once in your lifetime.

Anti-aging Telomere Facial
What it is: Telomere is the real fountain of youth. The skin looks brighter, smoother and more translucent, as it’s massaged with a replenishing cream in a way that enhances absorption. Specialised masks are used for the flower power thermoherb face lift that irons out lines and wrinkles, making the skin more firm and youthful.

It gives wrinkle free skin.

Plant Stem Cells Facial
What it is: Another breakthrough in anti-aging treatments is plant stem cell – it rejuvenates the skin powerfully. When plant stem cells are introduced into the skin during the facial, they repair dead and damaged skin cells. The skin looks tighter, firmer and younger. The products used contain active plant stem cells of the Edelweiss flower, collagen, elastin, ceramides and powerful anti-oxidants. Once the mask is washed off, the skin is toned and cold compress is given.
It Gives a soft glow.

Platinum Facial
What it is: This facial starts with a cleanser, scrub, cream, mask, serum and moisture mist. The face is first cleansed with the cleanser, followed by vegetable peel and platinum scrub. A lymphatic massage is also done to purify the skin and add radiance.
It Cleanses all pollutants.

Diamond Facial
What is it: This is for those who want to defy age. In Ayurvedic skin care, the oxidised diamond or ‘bhasma’ is used, while diamond powder is used for exfoliation. This facial uses extracts of lotus, basil, dates, orange oil, carrot seed and vetiver (khus).
It improves skin’s vitality.

Pearl Facial
This is for those who need hydration. It’s based on a 4,000 year old Ayurvedic and Oriental tradition of using the powder of natural pearls. Pearls influence the transfer of melanin (natural pigment) to the skin surface, preventing tanning and pigmentation.
It removes pigmentation.


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