5 Most Entertaining Cricketers Around The Globe

5 Most Entertaining Cricketers Around The Globe |PakistanTribe.com

5 Most Entertaining Cricketers Around The Globe |PakistanTribe.comCricket is all about entertainment. Players perform to the best of their abilities to entertain the millions of fans that support them and their teams.

With the arrival of T20s, we have seen the entertainment aspect of the game rise.

Here’s the list of most entertaining cricketers of all the time:

Chris Gayle (WI)

Chris Gayle is the man either on the field or off the field. He plays cricket as he lives life, without any pressure on him. Gayle enjoys life to the full and plays cricket the same way. The first of the freelance cricketers to play in T20 leagues all around the world, he has made an impact everywhere he has gone.

His popularity in the world of cricket is due to his batting and his rock star personality, which when come together give us the Chris Gayle we love.

David Warner (Aus)

David Warner captured the imagination of fans all over the world when he debuted for Australia making 88 runs of 50 odd balls in a T20I match. Since then, he has seen ups and downs due to his on-field and off-field behavior issues like punching England batsman Joe Root and issues with sledging on field.

But what he does best is destroying bowling attacks in international and IPL matches.

Shahid Afridi (Pak)

He is one of the most popular players in Asia, he made a name for himself due to his antics and batting in places like Australia, South Africa and England. He debuted at the age of 16 and retired after playing for 20 years.

The moments he will be remembered for are the big sixes he hit during his career and for all the records in his name which are related to fastest or quickest in batting. He has atleast 450s in under 20 balls, 2 centuries in under 50 balls and has hit 4 sixes in an over against Harbhajan Singh.

Also a quality leg spinner, his trademark poses of raising his hands and pointing his fingers upwards after taking wickets is one of the most endeared sites in cricket. Known as “Lala” to his fans and friends.

Yuvraj Singh (India)

India’s 2011 Man of the tournament Yuvraj Singh is one hell of a character to have in your team. He is the only player to hit 6 sixes in 6 balls in T20 cricket, has the fastest fifty in history of cricket in just 12 balls and is one the most dangerous players in shorter format of the game.

He is mischievous, smiles and has fun on the field. He is also aggressive, competitive and a total team man. The fans love him for his big sixes and fast batting and also for giving 100% to his team on the field.  No one can forget him playing through cancer during the 2011 World Cup, just for the sake of the team and the fans, in order to win the World Cup.

Brendon McCullum (NZ)

Kiwi captain Brendon McCullum is the ultimate entertainer for the T20 crowd all around the world for his entertaining and high risk batting style. Even in the on-going World Cup he has provided high voltage innings with 2 of the fastest 50s in history of World Cups, even his captaincy has his aggressive touch with his field placing and how he backs his fast bowlers.

McCullum lighted the first edition of the IPL with a record breaking 158 in the first ever match of the tournament and has carried the same attitude and batting style which makes him loved by fans all over the globe.


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