5 Popular Apps That Disrupts Your Phone’s Privacy

5 Popular Apps That Disrupts Your Phone's Privacy|PakistanTribe.com

5 Popular Apps That Disrupts Your Phone's Privacy|PakistanTribe.comThere are millions of Apps available from Apple to Android stores, 98% of them are free of cost to download. you feel great to fill your phone with different types of Apps but on other hand these apps are violating your privacy. 

Have a look on these 5 Apps that disrupts your privacy and you should think twice before downloading them.

Draw Something Free 

This popular app lets you play a version of remote Dictionary with friends. It’s fun, but it includes several advertiser libraries and uses the “Read phone status and identity” permission to pass advertisers your phone number, call log, signal information, carrier, and more.

GO Locker 

This app acts as a screen lock for your phone, and promises to be more secure and smarter than your gadget’s built-in screen lock. Naturally, that means it has to know a lot about your phone and requires just about every permission available, from your location to reading your text messages.

Camera360 Ultimate 

Android’s default camera app is serviceable, but not fantastic. Camera360 Ultimate promises to add more camera modes, exclusive filters, free cloud storage, facial recognition, real-time “touch-ups,” and more with no ads.

It doesn’t include any ad targeting libraries, but it does grab a lot of information.

Angry Birds

The first modern “viral” mobile game with more than 2 billion downloads since 2009, Angry Birds and most of its sequels and spinoffs don’t fare so well with privacy. Most include several targeted ad libraries that grab your phone identity information, which includes phone call logs, your signal, carrier, device ID, and number.

My Talking Tom

If you have kids around, “My Talking Tom” is an app you might get asked to download. It’s basically a cute little game where you adopt and take care of a kitten. However, its privacy settings aren’t so adorable.

It includes a whopping eight targeted ad libraries and, in addition to your phone’s identifying information, it sends the advertisers audio from the microphone as well.


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