Punjab Food Authority Raids Become Fun For Social Media in Pakistan

Punjab Food Authority Raids Become Fun For Social Media in Pakistan|PakistanTribe.com

Punjab Food Authority Raids Become Fun For Social Media in Pakistan|PakistanTribe.comLAHORE – The raids being conducted by Punjab Food Authority (PFA) became fun for social media users in Pakistan.

Though, the activity got appreciation from the people belong to different walks of life but somehow it also triggered fun-moments for many.

PFA under the leadership of Director Operation Ayesha Mumtaz conducting raids against substandard and unhygienic meat and other food products in different areas of the Punjab including capital city Lahore.

It is worth mentioning here that after the reports from relevant authorities that huge number of Donkeys being slaughtered throughout the province for hides export, the federal government banned the hides export to reduce illegal slaughtering of the animal.

Many arrested after the implementation of new rules announced by the government.

Some local media reports also claim that Donkeys’ meat was being passed off as beef in restaurants and for sale on meat shops.

As soon as the reports of donkeys meat supply to resturan+ts and meat shops social media users reacted in different ways, one of the Facebook user from Karachi came-up with a little naughty idea when he redesigned well known Food/Masala brand, Shan’s ACHAR GOSHT MASALA packing into GADHA GOSHT MASLA and mentioned that the product is for Lahories.

The Ministry of National Food Security and Research noted that many news channels have been criticising the provincial governments for failing to check this activity.

The exports are largely made to China, Vietnam and Hong Kong. The hides are used for producing anti-wrinkle creams, gelatin for human consumption and other cosmetic products.

The ministry noted that donkeys are either brutally killed or even poisoned for obtaining unblemished hide.

Its Important to mention here Pakistan has the second largest population of donkeys in the world, estimated at 5 million.


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