International Media Stand Up Against India For The Rights Of Kashmiris

International Media Stand Up Against India For The Rights Of Kashmiris|

International Media Stand Up Against India For The Rights Of Kashmiris|PakistanTribe.comAl jazeera a re-known media channel from middle east, representing all Muslims from around the world stand against Indian forces in Kashmir, for violating their basic human rights.

According to report issued by Al jazeera , The Indian government has covered up hundreds of cases of human rights abuses, including extrajudicial killings, torture and enforced disappearances in the disputed territory of Kashmir.

Structure of violence explains the Indian held Jammu & Kashmir, that the Indian government had allowed systemic violence to take root in the Himalayan region hit by more than two decades of conflict.

Reports stated that, the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons had documented more than 1,080 extrajudicial killings and 172 enforced disappearances, as well as cases of sexual violence that go back to the early 1990s.

The document details 333 case studies of human rights violations and names some 972 alleged perpetrators responsible for the crimes.

These include 464 army personnel, 161 paramilitary personnel, 158 Jammu and Kashmir Police personnel and 189 “government gunmen”.

“These crimes were happening with the full knowledge of higher level officers in the Indian government, they must be all held accountable by international law.

Al jazeera calls for UN Human Rights Council to appoint a Special Rapporteur to investigate the crimes and appeals to the UN Security Council (UNSC) to exercise its power to refer the cases to the International Criminal Court (ICC). India is not a signatory to the ICC but the UNSC has the power to refer situations to the court.

Today Pakistani’s again stand in solidarity with kashmiri brothers along this compaign.


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