Mamnoon should avoid following Zardari: Munawar

Mamnoon should avoid following Zardari: Munawar | PakistanTribeLAHORE – Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has taken strong exception to President Mamnoon Husain’s statement that the government was not in a position to break the begging bowl and the people must show patience, and said the President should not support the government unjustly. Munawar Hasan said that President Mamnoon Husain should avoid following former President Zardari

In a statement here on Monday, he said that the President represented the federation and if he attempted to hide the government’s failures, he would become controversial.

He said it would be better if the President advised the rulers to overcome their lapses and failures as this would be an assurance for the nation that the man in the Presidency was not a ruling party representative but a true head of the state and the nation. President Mamnoon Husain should avoid following former President Zardari, he said.

The Ji Ameer pointed out that the people promising to break the begging bowl had taken up a jumbo size bowl. During the Zardari government, every Pakistani was under debt of Rs. 68,000 but during the first seven months of the present regime, a burden of Rs. 32,000 had been added on each citizen with the result that every new child was born with a debt of Rs. One lakh. On the other hand, the luxuries the ruling elite were continuing due to which the nation’s future had gone bleak.

He said, now was the time for the ruling party to implement its election manifesto and the President should direct the government in that respect. Mian Nawaz Sharif, he said, was making a wrong claim that the nation had given him the mandate to befriend India. Instead, he said, the Prime Minister should admit that he had secured votes by befooling the nation through the false promises of controlling prices and freeing them from the menace of terrorism.

He said, if the present government was not in a position to pay off the past loans, it should at least stop securing fresh loans. He said that apart from steep raise in taxes and prices, the government was printing currency notes of record amount every day causing inflation and price rise.

The rulers were getting fresh loans on harsh terms practically sucking the last drop of blood from the masses.

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