What Your Mole Says About your Personality ?

What Your Mole Says About your Personality ? |PakistanTribe.com

What Your Mole Says About your Personality ? |PakistanTribe.comSome say that the moles on our bodies are in reality secret imprints from our previous lives. Others contend that moles are messages of good fortune and misfortune that reflect important turning points of our life.

Each noticeable mole on our body carries a hidden meaning or depicts some secret obstacle. Read on to know whats your mole say about you.

Hidden meanings of body moles

The Chinese believe moles can be lucky or unlucky depending on where they are located, what colour they are and how large they appear. A mole can be a tiny black speck on the feet signifying opportunities for travel, or it can be a dark red dot on the hand, often indicating a particular skill or luck associated with one’s hands. Moles on our backs denote some kind of burden we have to carry, while moles at the front of our bodies are said to attract success.

Good luck moles

Moles in certain locations are said to signify great things in life, ranging from wealth and prosperity to good health and abundant resources. a mole directly beneath the eyebrows is said to signify intelligence and creativity. These skills may bring fame, success and wealth. A mole located directly in the center of the skin above the upper lip indicates the potential to raise a large family, and constant emotional support.

Bad luck moles

For every mole that may be indicative of positive experiences in life, there is a poorly placed mole suggestive of negativity. Moles in the center of the nose are bad signs. Individuals may have a tendency to overspend, indulge in gambling and flirt voraciously. Knowing when to stop and resisting temptation are the greatest challenges of all. Moles located beneath the eyebrows may suggest discord with extended family members. The associated stress may affect life. Moles on either side of the nose are also bad news.

Mole on the Forehead

If the forehead is wide and there is a mole on the right side of the forehead, then it denotes wealth, fame and status. The native becomes wealthy and receives good name and fame in the society. He will help others and will have devotion to God. If the mole on the forehead is located at left side and the forehead is narrow, then the person will be selfish and does not help any one. Others will not give him any respect.

 Mole on the Eyes

A mole in the right eye gives easy money. Even if the person doesn’t work, he will become rich suddenly out of sheer luck. A mole in the left eye represents an arrogant person who would be after ladies. He will have a secret and illegal connection with ladies. Moles at the eye socket (corner towards the ear) represent a generous and peaceful person. But there is possibility of sudden death.

Mole on the Ear lobe

Having a mole here means two different things. If it’s on your right side it can mean being committed and good to your family and often an indication of a good child. If it’s on the left side, you will obtain a good husband.

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