Peter Christy: A Silent Warrior Of 1965 War

Peter Christy: A Silent Warrior Of 1965 War|

Peter Christy: A Silent Warrior Of 1965 War|PakistanTribe.comPakistan Tribe would like to pay high tribute to our Christian Fighter Pilot hero who served well for our country Pakistan and did not hesitate to risk his life for the cause of our nation.

Peter Christy a fighter pilot, a consummate military professional, a natural, charismatic leader, and a true, heroic servant of our republic he was always committed to flying for his country and taking risks for a national cause and had offered his life for the defense of his country.

Mr. Christy was born in Karachi, Drigh road cant bazaar; in 1937 the son of M.B Christy he initially achieved secondary school education from ST. PATRIC School Saddar, Karachi and passed matriculation with good marks.

Football was Mr. Christy favorite sport and he had good reputation in football. after doing Matriculation he joined Pakistan Air Force and gained basic flying training from PAF Academy (Risalpur) and begin his career in 1962 as (Flying Commission Officer) by the passage of time he was promoted to (Flight Officer) and then later to (Flight Lieutenant) due to his great personality, performance and goodwill.

During the war of 1965 when enemies of Pakistan attacked on our nation this talented man did not even care of his precious life he was ready to defend his country at any cost he targeted our enemy’s with B-57 BOMBER AIRCRAFT and greatly affected their bad intentions he was victorious in many of his encounters with enemy aircraft.

His perseverance as a soldier created a new level of dedication to the country as well as inspired Fighter Pilots in future to come Due to his bravery and honor The Government of Pakistan awarded him special military reward and he continued his road to success and in 1968 he was further promoted to SQUADRON LEADER.

On 4th of December 1971 at 4:00 o’clock in the evening from PAF Base Shah rah-e-Faisal Karachi he was given a special mission to destroy an Indian Air base (JAAM-NAGAR) because missile attack had been increased from the Indian side and their fighter planes were continuously targeting our Flying base and other areas of Karachi.

But in-spite of all these hurdles and danger he had high aims this brave and fearless pilot was going with (DO OR DIE) vision. Mr. Christy successfully completed his mission but his plane became a victim of opposite attack and he therefore martyred for his country and acknowledged his name in the golden history of our martyred Great ones.

Due to his fearless and great performance The Government of Pakistan awarded him Military Reward (SITAR-E-JURAT) because he had shown bravery and courage in Times of War.

Great people like Mr. Christy inspire our young Christians to become a successful, well recognized and courageous person like them in all walks of their life and Give Glory to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with his devoted family as they mourn his loss, a loss we feel as well. Pakistan, our Air Force and Our community are eternally grateful for his leadership and accomplishment.


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