Role Of Noor Jahan’s Patriotic Songs In 1965 War

Role Of Noor Jahan’s Patriotic Songs In 1965 War |

Role Of Noor Jahan’s Patriotic Songs In 1965 War |PakistanTribe.comISLAMABAD – The late Melody Queen, Madam Noor Jehan, was beats the rest when the 1965 war with India inspired an outbreak of patriotic songs from poets and singers of the day.

A host of war songs, mostly in Urdu and Punjabi, hit the air-waves with a flourish during the 17-day war, filling the hearts of soldiers and civilians alike with patriotic fervour, reinforcing their resolve to frustrate the designs of the enemy with a joint effort.

The “Malika-e-Tarranum”, stole the show with an accomplished rendition of songs like “Aey puttar hattan tey nai vikdey”, or “Vey Mairya Dhol Sipahia”, or “Aye Watan ke Sajeelay Jawano”, that warmed the heart of every Pakistani as these were put on air through Radio Pakistan, with PTV only an incipient phenomenon then.
Ae watan ke sajiile jawaano by noor jehan


a putter hata ty ni wakdy

Pakistani singers actively contributed and responded to the call of motherland in its hour of trial.

The Pakistani armed forces countered the assault of Indians with unparalleled valour, war-songs perhaps finding their way to their eardrums through the airwaves.

The army foiled the enemy designs at the fronts of Lahore, Kasur and Sialkot, the sailors proved their mettle at Dwarka while PAF performed such heroics as by MM Alam and Safraz Rafiqi–the former having created history by shooting down five Indian fighter planes with his F-86 Sabre in a two-minute dogfight in the air.

The Army came out with flying colours from the battle of chawinda-the largest tank battle in the world after the World War-II.

Noor Jehan was awarded the Pakistan President’s Award in 1965 for her acting and singing capabilities.

Even today her war songs move the nation and cause surge in the feelings of patriotism to inspire as well as to cheer the fighting forces of the country. Late president Ayub Khan acknowledged that half of the credit of 1965 victory goes to Noor Jahan.

When she went to India after the war, the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Ghandi was waiting at the airport to receive her and India’s great artists touched her feet as a sign of respect. King Zahir Shah of Afghanistan was a great admirer and had a great collection of her songs.


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