5 Bollywood Diva’s Who Never Put On Weight

5 Bollywood Diva's Who Never Put On Weight |PakistanTribe.com

5 Bollywood Diva's Who Never Put On Weight |PakistanTribe.comThere are some Bollywood diva’s who ┬ámaintain their lean frame, flat stomachs and that to die for figure since the time they first set the screen on fire.

Here is a list of other actresses who we feel have never put on weight.

Katrina Kaif

Katrina is one of those actresses who seem to never put on weight. The actress has always maintained a slender frame and attributes it to her rigorous regime where she works out and watches her diet. However, according to a report in Mumbai Mirror, Katrina had piled on weight due to a shoulder injury and weighed 68 kilos at one point. But being the disciplinarian that she is, the actress has dropped off the excess flab for her ongoing film. Besides working out religiously, Katrina is on a macro-biotic diet eating out of a special tiffin that reaches her every two hours.


In an era when looking slim has become a major criterion for actresses in Bollywood, Kajol says she is lucky to have worked with Yash Chopra, the only director who never complained about weight issues of his female stars. Kajol, 40, said that rather than asking his heroines to lose weight, Chopra ensured they were well-fed on the sets.

Karisma Kapoor

Karisma who made her debut with the film Prem Qaidi at the tender age of 17, might have trimmed her once bushy eyebrows to their current shape, but there seems to be no difference in her weight over the years. Karisma also known as Lolo ruled the box-office in the ’90s and continues to charm us even today but her slender frame hasn’t changed.

Priyanka Chopra

Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra sure takes her beauty queen tag seriously. The actress has always flaunted a slim frame and continues to do that after being a part of the film industry for many years now. Priyanka is one of the few actresses who have maintained themselves over the years.


One actress who looks the same as she did earlier is Sridevi. The beautiful actress is not only a mother to two teenage daughters – Jhanvi and Khushi, but looks like a diva even today. For this 50 year old actress, age is just a number and we can say that for sure as Sridevi refuses to shed away her youthful frame


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