3 Types Of Bosses And Ways To Counter Them

3 Types Of Bosses And Ways To Counter Them |PakistanTribe.com

3 Types Of Bosses And Ways To Counter Them |PakistanTribe.comAs a professional, you are likely to deal with varied kinds of bosses, some easy to work with, while others, for the lack of a better word, a nightmare.While you may understand that the only option you have is to work around your boss’ outburst, the same can take a toll on your productivity.

Here is a list of the boss species and what you should keep in mind when working with them:

Laid-back bosses are known to be most comfortable to work with. While they do keep an eye on the work being done by the team, they usually stay aloof and only interfere when absolutely needed.Usually, this boss species understands that the quality of work matters and not the process.

With a laid-back boss, you take initiative to improve yourself. That’s because he doesn’t interfere with your work. He gives you the freedom to work in a setup that you are most comfortable in, and when the work is done on time, the boss knows he made the right choice by allowing that freedom.

Work Tip: Though your boss doesn’t interfere, always keep him in the loop and seek suggestions to avoid issues in the future.

A boss who hovers over every step taken by his team mates, an untrustworthy boss is probably the most difficult to deal with. Not only are such bosses hyper, but they also tend to constantly pick on unreasonable issues, disguising them as mistakes and trying to correct them.Consequently, the attrition rate of such bosses is high.

Work Tip: Before beginning an assignment, seek their guidance and constantly update them about the progress to avoid team clashes and criticism

The trait of a typical micro manager is someone who wants to be a part of each task that his her team undertakes.Right from why a team mate is late to work, to wanting to know the details of even the smallest work undertaken.Working with a micro manager, though daunting at most times, can sometimes be positive.

Work Tip: If you are aware that your boss wants to be a part of everything, make sure he she is well informed about the work you do, your weekly work plan as well as your achievements on a regular basis. This will help avoid conflict.


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