Why did Amanat Ali sign Maria Meer? Yes…Out of revenge

Why did Amanat Ali sign Maria Meer? Yes...Out of revenge | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – Why did Amanat Ali signed Maria Meer? Want to know the secret? No doubt, she has great talent and a very sweet voice but Amanat Ali has a one more very interesting reason to sign a contract with her. What’s that reason?

Actually Amanat Ali’s was feeling victimized as his own real brother has also been rejected in the initial rounds and all the judges gave a verdict that he was not serious enough for the show though the boy had a great voice apparently.

Amanat Ali did not accept it and when Maria Meer also got rejected and got fame through social media, Amanat Ali decided to take revenge in a sweet way.

 He signed Maria Meer for his next album and has paved way for any singers who are not treated in a fair manner in this show. It is unclear though if his brother is also featuring in the next album or not.

If his brother is also a part of the album, then it would be an album of Pakistan idol rejects. Lets see how far does this wave go?

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