Which Type Of Dressing Suits Your Body Type

Which Type Of Dressing Suits Your Body Type|PakistanTribe.com

Which Type Of Dressing Suits Your Body Type|PakistanTribe.comBody type is a scientifically calculated classification of your body as per shape and other measurements. Categorized by a number of physical traits, whether slim, athletic or voluptuous, it’s a good idea to figure out which body type you belong to.

So let’s find out your body type and how you can get the most from your diet, workouts, and clothes.

Apple shaped body type
If your top is comparatively heavy but you are tiny from the waist down area then you have an apple body type. You have a considerably heavy upper body along with broader than usual shoulders.

Fitness: Focus on chest, stomach and arms, as this is where fat accumulates for apple shaped people.

Clothes: Take focus away from the top heavier areas. Avoid cleavage-revealing tops, instead go for high neck collars and well-fitted jeans for a slimmer look.

Pear shaped body type
This type is smaller on top, but comparatively larger on the bottom. The first place where you tend to gain weight is around the hips and thighs.

Fitness: Lots of leg work will help you sculpt your thighes – read: cardio. Also, focus on building your upper body more through strength training to create an hour-glass look.

Clothes: Wear dark coloured bottoms and lighter coloured uppers. Play with stripes when wearing tops and go for single coloured bottoms.

Round body type
People with this kind of a body shape complain of their weight settling right around their tummy and breast area, as well as the upper thigh and hips area.

Fitness: Round shaped body types need to pay attention to fat fighting and fat loss, as no amount of spot targeting through weights and resistance will even out the form.

Clothes: Wear single coloured outfits (tops and bottoms, or dresses), with defined structures to create a well-shaped figure. Knee length skirts work well too.

Hour glass body type
May of us might just die to get a body type like this. People with hour glass figure have a curvy body type with proportionate breasts and hips.

Fitness: The perfect body type that allows you to focus on muscle tone without worrying too much about fat loss.

Clothes: Frankly, you can wear anything which is well-fitted and it’ll look good on you.

Athletic body type
People who have a slim and athletic body type are low on curves, and usually appear taller for their height, although some might even be petite. Such people have less percentage of fat in their body and have a narrower bone structure as well.

Fitness: Low body fat means an increased muscle area would serve well for fitness.

Clothes: People with slim body type generally have a small bust size, so padding would help if you want to add to that.


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