SHEESHA and Energizers can cause infertility

SHEESHA and Energizers can cause fertility | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – Health experts in Pakistan believe that SHESHA and Cigarette smoking can affect sperms and reproductive organs which cause infertility, reported.

“Energizers, energy drinks and current lifestyle are the basic reasons of infertility” Dr. Saida Ahsan, a health experts said in an interview.

Pakistan is one of those countries where fertility is still a taboo and this dilemma drives us toward complexity and hopelessness.

Dr Sadia Ahsan Pal from ‘Concept Fertility Center’ said that fertility is curable disease, blaming to life partner isn’t the solution.

Dr Kiran Shahid, consultant advisor has suggested that to start fertility treatment first evaluate the treatment center on two key performing indicators, Take home baby rate and pregnancy rate.

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