World’s Most Haunted Hotels

World’s Most Haunted Hotels |

World’s Most Haunted Hotels |PakistanTribe.comHotel is a place where you spend your holidays and what if the place where you are staying is haunted.

Here are some hotels from around the world which make your trip more adventurous and scary.

Karosta Prison Hotel, Latvia

World’s Most Haunted Hotels |

During the 20th century, this prison was used as a Nazi and Soviet military prison. There has been a remarkable transformation of a military prison into a prison-themed hotel, which is rumoured to have some paranormal activities. Also, the staff members have stories to tell that haunted people for a long span of time.

The Stanley Hotel, U.S.

World’s Most Haunted Hotels |

America’s Steamer automobiles inventor FO Stanley opened the hotel that has been associated with several supernatural activities. It is rumoured, Mr. Stanley’s ghost passes through the lobby.

The Russell Hotel, Australia

World’s Most Haunted Hotels |

Reportedly, room number eight of this hotel is haunted by the spirit. On a spooky note, hotel organises ghost tours for the guests who want to explore more about the same.

The Langham Hotel, London

World’s Most Haunted Hotels |

This historic hotel had several renowned guests in the past from Mark Twain to Oscar Wilde. However, Langham comes with few spooky tales that there is a ghost that appears in the month of October, and others have witnessed Napoleon III’s ghost at the basement.

The Fairmont Banff Springs, Canada

World’s Most Haunted Hotels |

Constructed on mountains and amongst serene views, Fairmont’s elegance and service goes above expectations. But there’s something more than the picturesque beauty that adds to your goose bumps several guests have reported witnessing an assistant that disappears after helping others.

Dragsholm Slot, Denmark

World’s Most Haunted Hotels |

12th century built castle is said to be haunted by the ghosts of two women Earl and Bothwell. Reportedly, one woman worked as a maid while the other was the daughter of the previous castle owners.


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