7 Teas To Fight Stress

7 Teas To Fight Stress|PakistanTribe.com

7 Teas To Fight Stress|PakistanTribe.comStress is a very common problem faced by almost anyone, and it has become a part of lifestyle. Stress has different meanings for everyone. And not everyone can afford to workout or have time to meditate.Herbal teas are most significant to reduce stress.

Although, doctors do recommend Chamomile tea for relaxing mind and body.

Herbal teas do help in eliminating dehydration, relaxation, which eventually becomes a habit. Herbal teas do have potential benefits of antioxidants that are overall good for health.

Here are some Teas which help to reduce tension.


This herbal tea is often consumed after meal in parts of Kashmir. It is capable of reducing anxiety symptoms without getting addicted to it. Although, one must have Kava tea in limit, as it can cause liver damage.


It is also known as Kava-lite and claims to have given benefits similar to Kava tea. It is also used in Hawaiian punch and some soft drinks for its flavours.


Apart from solving digestion problems, it also acts as a mild sedative. It’s a caffeine free tea. It can be consumed in any temperature, hot or cold. Peppermint tea will give extra benefits if consumed at night before sleep.


A passable solution recommended by doctors. It helps people to overcome insomnia, hyperactivity or stress. Chamomile ranks third in demand after Green tea followed by peppermint tea.


Made of delicate flowers Lavender tea helps to overcome indigestion, anxiety, irritability, tension headaches and nervous breakdown. Lavender is also used as aromatherapy for relaxation.

Lemon Balm

People suffering from insomnia must consume Lemon Balm tea. This medical potion can also help in fever caused by cold or flu. Lemon Balm tea is also known as Melissa. It also helps people with mental disorders.


This natural plant carries estrogens, which is an elixir for woman suffering from premenstrual syndrome. Avoid drinking Hops tea during the day at work as it is meant to attain good sleep.


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