OnePlus 2 Review: The Best Smartphone You’ve Never Heard Of

OnePlus 2 Review: The Best Smartphone You've Never Heard Of|

OnePlus 2 Review: The Best Smartphone You've Never Heard Of|

The One Plus 2 is a smartphone designed by the Chinese startup OnePlus, founded by former Oppo vice president Pete Lau.

The OnePlus 2 is publicized as the “flagship killing” smartphone and has a large 5.5-inch screen and a removable back panel

Out of the box the OnePlus 2 features a fresh, revamped design meant to put it at the top with the rest of its flagship competitors. The handset incorporates an aluminum-magnesium alloy chassis, with the volume and power keys along with the new notifications control switch featuring a polished stainless steel accent and with the rear of the phone accompanied with a textured Sandstone Black plastic back cover.

What’s made the OnePlus such a talking point is the manner in which it’s being sold. OnePlus sold out 30,000 units of the OnePlus 2 in China within 64 seconds after launching the product sale that means that OnePlus has been able to control the supply numbers and manage the manufacturing and distribution accordingly.

OnePlus 2 Review: The Best Smartphone You've Never Heard Of|
OnePlus 2 has a range of different back panels to choose from – the default one feels like sandpaper

OnePlus 2: Features

Without getting too deep into the numbers, it’s got a Snapdragon 810 processor, 4GB of RAM, a Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) screen resolution and 64GB of storage space. That’s all for £289.

There’s even a cheaper version at £239 that dials back the storage space to 16GB and the RAM to 3GB. Although if you’re going to get one, definitely go for the 64GB model.

Like the Samsung Galaxy S6, it features a fingerprint scanner that you can use to unlock the phone.

OnePlus 2 features a “Shelf” screen displaying your most-used apps and contacts

It offers you a 13-megapixel and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera for selfies snapper with a few options to play around with, including Panorama and Time-Lapse for you creative types.

The OnePlus 2 doesn’t feature NFC (near-field communication) meaning you’re not going to be able to use it for contactless payment.

On the bottom of the phone is the USB charging port – but unlike every other mobile gadget you’ve got it uses the new reversible USB Type-C connection.

Other interesting features are an iPhone-like hardware switch on the side of the phone to change the notification settings and the ability to swap the back panel out for a bit of customization.

OnePlus 2: Performance and battery

OnePlus 2 uses a customized version of Android that’s practically indistinguishable from Google’s model

When it comes to performance, the OnePlus 2 ticks every box – it’s fast, easy to use and the Oxygen OS 2.0 is basically just Google’s Android with a couple of small tweaks.

If you swipe right from the home screen you’ll come to OnePlus’ “Shelf” – a collection of apps and contacts you interact with most frequently.

The rear cover of the OnePlus 2 features a sandpapery-type surface that’s useful for gripping the phone

OnePlus has equipped its second handset with a 3,300mAh, non-removable battery.

In short though, the OnePlus 2 punches well above its weight and no matter whether you prefer an Apple, HTC or Samsung phone – you should definitely give this one some serious consideration.

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