Modi Stop Killing Muslims In India

Modi Stop Killing Muslims In India|

Modi Stop Killing Muslims In India|PakistanTribe.comNEW DELHI – Narendra Modi Who is responsible for mass-genocide of Muslims in Gujarat India. It is more appropriate to call him “Modi Murderer”.

The 2002 Gujarat riots, also known as the 2002 Gujarat violence and the Gujarat pogrom was a three day period of inter-communal violence in the western Indian state of Gujarat.

Sources estimate that up to 2,000 Muslims died. There were instances of rape, children being burned alive, and widespread looting and destruction of property. The Chief Minister at that time, Narendra Modi, has been accused of initiating and condoning the violence.

In 2012, Modi was cleared of complicity in the violence by a Special Investigation Team (SIT) appointed by the Supreme Court of India.

The Muslim community was reported to have reacted with “anger and disbelief.”

From 2002 to 2015, minorities in India especially Muslims are still not safe. Killing, raping and destruction of property is still going on in India.

Mr. Modi In whole world you are pretending yourself as an icon of peace, you are dealing with Muslims in UAE then please respect Muslims in your own homeland first.

Even you are itself paving a way for some big trouble.

UN at least pay your role and it’s time to intervene to save Muslims from the hands of Modi.


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