Why Military Coup Making Often Happen In Pakistan?

Why Military Coup Making Often Happen In Pakistan? |PakistanTribe.com

Why Military Coup Making Often Happen In Pakistan? |PakistanTribe.comMilitary take overs in Pakistan is became our cultural norm. In Pakistani politics there are some common tactics used by all military dictators. In short we can say, Failure of Democracy causes military coup making in Pakistan.

The article took Pakistan’s political history and identified patterns from within: The General Ayub Khan coup in 1958, General Zia-ul-Haq’s overthrow of Z.A. Bhutto in 1978, and General Musharraf’s ouster of Nawaz Sharif in 1999.

All contained similarities in terms of tactics employed by the military rulers after taking office.

To that end, here are some factors that were common to all the interregnums between coups periods of democracy, essentially, that have resulted in the military’s direct involvement in running the affairs of the country.

National Security Model

Soon after a military dictatorship ends, the awaam is suspicious of the khakhis and questions are asked about the future. Pakistanis are an incredibly forgiving and forgetful lot.

When the infamous spectra of national security is portrayed as crucial, the masses waste no time in buying it.

That is traditionally achieved through (a) blaming everything on hostile neighbours and (b) threats to internal security. A combination of the two keeps elected governments on teeters while providing much-needed room to the dictators.

Less Decision Making Power and More Administrative Vacuum

Decision making power is an essential element of any administration. If there is no decision making power in elites of any country this type of coup making is normal.

More administrative vacuums continue to exist in Pakistan, where everyone is left at the mercy of the nefarious forces.

Disasters, both natural and man-made, highlight the inadequacies within our civilian setups quite frequently, and we keep depending on the good work done by the military in times of emergencies.

Civil-military Instability

Instability is more dreadful element in politics rather than vacuums. Perhaps, building on our spirit of forgiveness, politicians prey on opportunities that stand to enhance solely their personal gains.

After all, there is a reason why the richest people in Pakistan are either directly involved with politics or are aligned with one political party or another.

Due to poor performance of our elected political leaders there is always a way for this activity to happen. And even this method is simple: manufacture instability, then step in to remove it.

The dream of how things could be

The public perception of the army can be successfully rescued at any time. Even after populist movements oust dictators, after some time, people start to see the army as a national asset once again, and swear by its performance in keeping Pakistan safe from domestic and foreign ‘threats’.


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