Are The Three Bollywood Khans Sharing Screen Together

Are The Three Bollywood Khans Sharing Screen Together|

Are The Three Bollywood Khans Sharing Screen Together|

It’s always been a hot topic in B-Town if the Three Bollywood khans will ever share same screen together and rumors come every few months around of their appearance.

SRK has finally disclosed about the idea of working with Salman and Aamir. In an interview with the Hindustan Times, he said, “We meet each other and talk a lot, but we have never spoken about films.”

“One day, Salman cracked a joke. He said, ‘Guys, we three won’t do a film together. We will only end up fighting. One will keep using his brains, another will finish the work quickly, and someone will not reach the sets on time.’ So, we discuss stuff like this,” he added.

Director and choreographer Farah Khan had once said no one can bring the three Khans together. Commenting on her statement, SRK said, “That’s not true. I think it’s difficult to do a three-hero film, especially when all the three heroes are leading mainstream actors.”

“A lot of times, it gets difficult to make a film with even two smaller heroes, as both think of themselves as stars. In this case, the three of us are actually stars,” he added.

Are The Three Bollywood Khans Sharing Screen Together|

“But, I feel, it might not be a problem. All three of us are humble enough to understand that we are doing a film. We have to choose a film in which all three of us are equal,” he further explained.

“We should do a film like “Ghostbusters” . That film has equal roles for all the three heroes,” he bantered. He further said, “If required, we can work on that. Salman recently said that there won’t be enough money. Maybe, we can co-produce the film. But someone has to write an interesting script that we like.”

“The three of us don’t exist because we should be in cinema together. Instead, we exist because we should be in cinema,” he added.

Audience can only hope to see them together on a big screen but when it’s going to happen is still a mystery.

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