Zarb-e-Azb: A Final Battle Started By Pakistan Army

Zarb-e-Azb: A Final Battle Started By Pakistan Army |

Zarb-e-Azb: A Final Battle Started By Pakistan Army |PakistanTribe.comN.WAZIRISTAN – The operation Zarb-e-Azb after 14 months enters into its final phase in North Waziristan.

Thus far it appears the military has reclaimed much of the terrain that it had set out to do and it is certainly the case that the rate and intensity of terrorist attacks inside the country have gone down since the operation began.

But, as ever, in the long war against militancy, immediate successes can be undone if the next steps are not sued with equal robustness and intensity.

To begin with, the fight in the Shawal region is expected to be very tough, according to the military and what the militants themselves have suggested.

The region is difficult for armies to operate in, the dense foliage and mountainous terrain putting small groups of militants at an advantage.

The battle will also be complicated by the Afghan question. Earlier, too many militants escaped into Afghanistan and while the military has repeatedly claimed that this is less likely to occur in the current fight, only the days and weeks ahead will confirm whether that is in fact true.

As the sorry tale of Mullah Fazlullah has underscored, unless the Taliban leadership is captured or eliminated and unless cross-border militant movements are curbed the relative peace inside Pakistan since Zarb-e-Azb began may not last long.

It always has been and very much remains so in the interest of both Afghanistan and Pakistan to cooperate in the fight against militancy.


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