Blackberry Unveils Its New Android Smartphone

Blackberry Unveils Its New Android Smartphone |

Blackberry Unveils Its New Android Smartphone |PakistanTribe.comOTTAWA – BlackBerry is a company beloved by some, and largely forgotten about by everyone else. The Canadian manufacturer once ruled the smartphone roost with its business-focused, keyboard-toting devices.

But after being obliterated by Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy devices, BlackBerry was relegated to tech’s lower leagues.

However, news has surfaced that could spur a comeback of Ben Affleck-esque proportions.

According to a newly leaked image, BlackBerry is preparing a new smartphone that will run Google’s Android operating system rather than its in-house BlackBerry OS.

That means it would have access to the millions of apps on the Google Play Store and instantly amend one of its harshest criticisms.

It is a black handset with a slide-down QWERTY keyboard.

Blass goes further with a follow-up tweet, showing a GIF image of the phone’s sliding keyboard in action.

BlackBerry’s most recent flagship (the oddly-shaped Passport) did have the ability to load Android apps but it necessitated going through Amazon’s app store. And the selection available was a long way short of the full Android line-up.

Switching to Android will be a tough pill to swallow for security conscious BlackBerry, but it could prove to be the magic medicine that brings the firm back from the brink.

There’s no telling when the mysterious sliding phone will be revealed or how much it will cost but we’ll keep an eye out and update this story when we know more.


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