5 Italian Amazing Breads You Must Try

5 Italian Amazing Breads You Must Try|PakistanTribe.com

5 Italian Amazing Breads You Must Try|PakistanTribe.comNo Italian meal is complete without a basket of assorted breads. Italy has 20 different culinary styles and a number of breads to adorn the platter.

Italian breads known for their variety and versatility are often considered as complete meals and go well with an array of dips and accompaniments. If you are a lover of Italian cuisine, you must not miss these five amazing varieties of breads.


It is a dried bread type, which varies in thickness and size, depending on what region it belongs to. Generally eaten with fresh tomatoes, olive oil and thyme, it also goes well with seafood.


Often mistaken with a croissant, it is much sweeter and comes with a range of fillings. Goes well with all types of beverages.


These are basically sandwiches made with a type of bread called Ciabatta which is a white bread made from wheat flour, salt, water, olive oil and yeast.


These are bread rolls that are shaped like a rose and are hollow inside with a crunchy crust. They can be stuffed with a range of fillings, sweet or savoury.


Taralli Pugliesi are made with white wine and spiced with fennel seeds, boiled and baked until golden and crisp.


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