Afghanistan: It’s Time To Wake Up Despite Of Being Puppet In India’s Hand

Afghanistan: It’s Time To Wake Up Despite Of Being Puppet In India’s Hand |

Afghanistan: It’s Time To Wake Up Despite Of Being Puppet In India’s Hand |PakistanTribe.comISLAMABAD – Historically Pakistan attaches great importance to its relations with Afghanistan despite of the fact that for over past three decades, Afghanistan has been disfigured with internal and external conflicts.

At present, there are number of grey areas, i.e. cross border infiltration, refugees, drug trafficking, entry of Afghan Taliban into Pakistan’s Tribal belt, trust deficit between the two countries over counter terrorism policy and over dialogue with the terrorists network and Durand line issue that have eroded the relations between the two.

Post 2014 after the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan what is the status of Pakistan in an eye of international community and especially afghan people.

When Pakistan is busy in eliminating terrorism from region on other hand India is busy in playing cards against Pakistan for long terms benefits in Afghanistan and continuously brain washing the Afghan government and afghan nation with their so called strategies of helping them through building Kabul dam and by establishing their embassy offices in Kabul.

We know America always play dual role between India and Pakistan. America wants peaceful withdrawal from Afghanistan but also wants his presence in region in form of India. Here the point arises why Afghanistan government is trusting India because India and western powers are only using Afghanistan as puppet to counter his two big enemies in region china and Pakistan.

Please wake up Kabul they are not your friends, open your history once again and read that we are friends from decades. We both are Muslim countries and you should not forget how Pakistan protected you from USSR, and also broke USSR. Over 1 million Afghan refugees too living in Pakistan.

Pakistan is your sole friend who is helping you from years in fighting against terrorism. We made our territories insecure while trying to secure you.

Now it’s time to think again Kabul before it’s too late.


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