Daikh Magar Pyaar Say; An Insight Review

Daikh Magar Pyaar Say; An Insight Review|PakiatanTribe.com

Daikh Magar Pyaar Say; An Insight Review|PakiatanTribe.com

Dekh Magar Pyaar Say is a movie being directed by Asadul Haq and starring debutant Sikander Rizvi and Humaima Malick.

The movie is aligned with the most beautiful scenic views from London and Lahore that gives the movie an edge as it shows the directors’ cinematic prowess. But cinematography is no more that important factor in fact audience has different views regarding what the factors could be of a movie to be a houseful.

Generally people watch movies because they want Entertainment. So the first factor for a movie to be a hit will be entertainment, on that node the movie justified it’s claim as the soundtrack has a desi touch to it, which emphasizes the romantic and emotional side of the movie. Songs including Tasveer, I am Sweetie and Kabhi Kabhi are written and composed beautifully while Kaala Dooriyan is a groovy song that will make you tap your feet with the tune.

Daikh Magar Pyaar Say; An Insight Review|PakiatanTribe.com

However making a good movie is not easy. One of the most important factors for a good movie is a Solid Story. The story of a movie is like a car engine, the driving force behind the movie. Ideally the story is taking the viewer from their seats into the world of the movie. A world that authentic that the viewer newer doubts its existence.

Unfortunately, Dekh Magar Pyaar Say could not score full marks when it comes to the plot as the story lacks, at most parts, the enthusiasm to keep the viewer’s glued to the screen. But it is good enough to be called an average and watchable movie, though it definitely lacks that particular punch which leaves viewers with strong memories of the movie. Moreover, there was mediocrity in the plot and some parts didn’t make sense because it felt they were added by force and not by will.

Another important factor is the Actors, the one that actually play the story. So the protagonist is also considered as a strong pillar who reflects the reel story of the movie in the most descent and real way.

Humaima and Sikander came together to become a charismatic on-screen couple, Humaima did over-act in some scenes. Apart from a handful of such scenes, her acting can be considered as uncluttered, focused, and well-balanced with debutant Sikander’s onscreen persona.

Daikh Magar Pyaar Say; An Insight Review|PakiatanTribe.com

Even having many flaws in the story, the songs of the movie, chemistry of the main lead, and the locations saved the movie. In terms of script writing, it was written pretty well. Overall it is an average movie depicting the serene locations, astonishing wardrobe by HSY, Beautiful sound tracks and overall average story.

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