Benefits Of Drinking Chocolate Milk

Benefits Of Drinking Chocolate Milk |

Benefits Of Drinking Chocolate Milk |PakistanTribe.comChocolate milk has all elements whether it comes to proteins, carbs, sugar or the taste and is also trending with athletes, but a big question arises if this dairy product is perfect for everyone for refilling energy?According to researchers, during high intensity workouts, muscle proteins break down and glycogen levels deplete by 60 to 75%.

However for muscle growth after a workout, one needs to replenish glycogen and protein, which can easily be gained from chocolate milk. However, the workout intensity and duration of workouts determines how much energy is consumed and how much is needed.

High intensity workouts such as running stairs, boxing, competitive soccer, where the max heart rate is 80-85% burn more calories, whereas low intensity workout such as pilates, walking, hiking that make the heart rate reach 60-65%, burns fewer calories.

A low intensity workout requires less replenishing. One can supplement chocolate milk with blueberries (rich in anti-oxidants and accelerate muscle recovery time), orange juice (high in potassium, carbs and helps in restoring body fuel levels), coconut water (high in potassium and low sodium, which is better for low intensity workout) and water (key to post-workout recovery).

Here are 10 benefits Of Chocolate Milk

  • 11 Benefits of chocolate low-fat milk for recovery:
  • Fluid and electrolytes for hydration
  • Protein source for muscle repair
  • Carbohydrate source to replenish energy stores for the next practice
  • Chocolate in the milk boosts the carbohydrate supplied to your muscles and liver
  • Low cost replenishing option
  • Often available in the school cafeteria
  • Quick and potentially portable
  • For some athletes, it may be easier to tolerate a beverage versus food shortly after a workout
  • Replenishes necessary vitamins
  • It tastes great and kids typically love to drink chocolate milk


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