Youth Dialogue on Politics, Education & Journalism

Youth Dialogue on Politics, Education & Journalism | PakistanTribeKARACHI – This year’s Young Leaders’ Conference (YLC) is taking place at the Dreamworld Resorts in Karachi- very fitting as YLC is often referred to as a place where dreams take birth.

The 12th in a series, this week-long annual residential event has brought together 350 youth from over 25 cities of Pakistan. The conference promotes “Khalbali” or “Creative Restlessness” an accurate description of our nation which has a bubbling, excited yet channelized youth.

29th December 2013 marked the 4th day of YLC was centered around the theme of “Kalam” meaning dialogue. This day was committed to encouraging youth to dive deep into discussion on Education, Journalism and Politics; the potential and actual roles of the youth in the democratic process of government.

A panel discussion that followed next explored the project “Ilm-possible” which has the central idea of making education possible for all. Mushtaq Chhapra of TCF, Ahsan Rabbani of Aman Foundation, Amber Zuberi of Teach for Pakistan, Shazia Khawar of British Council and Sabina Khatri of Kiran School were special guests for this segment. Questions asked and addressed were profound and a solid discussion ensued, allowing the young audience to contemplate about the future of an educated Pakistan.

The next segment was set to discuss politics and political aspects in journalism and education. Faisal Sabzwari of MQM along with Javed Jabbar and Waseem Badami seated together on stage- a mark of how truly diverse YLC is and how it encourages the youth to listen to different points of views and think critically.

The highlights of the day were; a talk by Mr. Javed Jabbar about Pakistan; past, present and future and a session by media expert Shahzad Nawaz who shared his learnings about ‘making sense out of the nonsense in media’.

The day ended a thought provoking self awareness session with Kamran Rizvi, director School of Leadership following by a simulation emphasizing empathy among participants.


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