Are The Social Problems Of Pakistan COMMUNAL?

Are The Social Problems Of Pakistan COMMUNAL? |

Are The Social Problems Of Pakistan COMMUNAL? |“Let’s go abroad, there are more opportunities there!” ———– MBA Graduate. It is a general concept all around that Pakistan is not developing. The problem is not this issue the problem is that no one stands to address it.

Education which is considered as the cheapest way of defense is not being promoted in our country, which has made the literacy rate of our country decline to a major extent. The literacy rate of Pakistan is 49.9% which makes us fall on the rating of 136th in the world that shows that the world’s 6th largest populated country is being kept away from education.

According to a survey, the primary education completing rate in Pakistan is 33.8% in females and 47.18% in males. The solution to this problem is that the education at least till the secondary level should be made compulsory and free for the students so that they can get full advantage from this blessing.

But that’s just the 80%. What about that 20 % those who do get the chance to obtain a higher studies degree. Why is it that they ponder not to take a plunge to change the present state of no development crisis in Pakistan Where we have this general criterion which is understood in regards to the development that 20 % CAN give you an 80% result!!

Turns out you don’t need to win “The Apprentice” to forge a career in this City – for 85 percent of graduates, a business degree did just as well.

That’s all the more impressive considering that by far the business degrees are the largest degree subject by undergraduate numbers, with 19,800 of last year’s graduates securing work or further study within just six months.

Experts everywhere have been making robust predictions for the growth of “Stem” jobs such as science, technology & engineering – and so far they don’t seem to be wrong. Only if, these students realized their own importance in regards to their own capability to bring change. One person can make a difference and with knowledge, well, a Pen is mightier than the sword!!

This social issue that we are facing today is entirely associated with communal problem of lacking of patriotic change oriented thinking. If we do start thinking more about the land which has brought us numerous gifts & about returning the favor, 20% can make a difference! The need of the present situation is to bring a social revolution! Through a wakeup call, one, the young blood of Pakistan is able to forget!

The author, Munir Dayani is pharmacist by basic qualification and currently pursuing MBA (Health and Hospital Management) from IoBM.


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