Guilt and Felicity

guilt and felicity | PakistanTribeIt was my first day at laboratory in Allama Iqbal Medical College.White coat was a dream and there it was.

Wandering through the corridors,all students went to separate labs for practicals.Our teachers arrived in class and started the intro. All the students were asked to give their introduction and the most important question was that why you want to be a doctor?

Answers were there and no doubt were said that he wanted to be a doctor because it’s a noble profession.I think seniors can better explain the nobility of this profession.However returing to topic,one said that she was following her parents desire while other said that maths always eludes her and medical was the only suitable profession.

There were very good causes also presented by fellows.A girl said that there was no doctor in her village and she wanted to serve her people.I admire her cause from the core of my heart.similarly there were as many reasons as the students.

But there was a reason mentioned by a student that made me and other fellows laugh in the class.At that time I chuckled in the class but I don’t know why I spend the whole day in guilt.

The student, whose determination made me write this article, said ,’’Sir I want to be a doctor because doctor helps the stressed people.Doctor’s work please Allah.Thats why I am here,to please Allah.’’

At that time the laughter roared the walls of lab.Even I didn’t take his words seriously.

But when I left the class room there was a guilt in my heart that perturbed me throughout the day.Although I spend a hectic and memorable day in AIMC but at night,when I slipped in my quilt and turned off the lights of my hostel room,the boys’ words were driving my mind.

’’I want to please ALLAH’’.’’Doctor’s work please Allah.Thats why I am here ,to please Allah’’.i couldn’t nap and atlast turned on the lights.All room mates were asleep except me.

Suddenly a thought provoked my mind.I pondered the reason of my laughter in the class.At last I came with a conclusion.A conclusion that stunned me even.

I said to myself,’’I was laughing because I am not here to please Allah and that man is.I was laughing because i am following my corporeal desires and that man is not.I was laughing because that man has devoted himself to Allah and I haven’t’’.

This meditation completely changed my mind,my goals,my desires and my aims.Now I am also here with the same aim as that of the boy,to please Allah,by serving his mankind.That was the time when my guilt altered into felicity and i sIept without switching off the lights.

Next day I met with the very same student but with a new determination. I, after formal salutations, said to him straight,’’Look buddy, I don’t know why the class smiled, but I acknowledge your aim and I am with you .I also promise that there will be many more Insha’Allah.”

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Ahmad Sher Zaman Dogar

Gold medallist, studying MBBS at Allama Iqbal medical college Lahore, diehard muslim and a proud Pakistani.

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