Study Reveals: The Reasons Of Feeling Sleepy At Work

Study Reveals: The Reasons Of Feeling Sleepy At Work |

Study Reveals: The Reasons Of Feeling Sleepy At Work |PakistanTribe.comDo you find yourself sleepy in office? You are not alone in facing this situation, this happens to many people, says a new study. Lack of sleep is so common now a days and that visibly affect performance at work.

An employee based health institute in the US recently conducted a study of 1,139 employees from three companies. Lead researcher, Jennifer Turgiss, found that 15% of them doze off on the job at least once a week! Four key factors were preventing them from getting restful sleep, worry or stress, mental activity, physical discomfort, and environmental disruptors.

Another report by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) declared in the past that 29% of respondents fell asleep or became very sleepy at work, while 36% had fallen asleep or nodded off while driving.

Turgiss found that the resultant tiredness reduced one’s ability to manage stressful situations. This leads to various workplace problems: decreased decision-making abilities, lack of concentration, a decrease in cognitive function.

Here are some points of what to do or what not to do for avoiding sleepiness in working hours.

What to do

Exercise regularly and go for brisk walks in a park.

Take short breaks every couple of hours. During this break, take a walk around the office premises to refresh your mind.

A healthy diet will increase your energy levels.

Dim the bedroom lights before retiring for the night.

Include foods with Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. A recent study conducted in the UK found that people with higher Omega-3 had better sleeping patterns.

What not to do

Avoid too much caffeine or sugar.

Don’t watch television or browse the internet on your laptop or mobile phone before bedtime.

Don’t use the same bed sheets for more than a week.

Avoid late night workouts.


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