Ayesha Mumtaz Explains Punjab Food Authority Strategy

Ayesha Mumtaz Explains Punjab Food Authority Strategy | PakistanTribe.com

Ayesha Mumtaz Explains Punjab Food Authority Strategy | PakistanTribe.comLAHORE – The Punjab Food Authority’s (PFA) Director Operations, Ayesha Mumtaz says PFA committed to ensure provision of pure and hygienic food to the public.

The authority’s ongoing drive is not aimed at sealing eateries and food outlets, said Mumtaz while discussing her strategy.

She says about 3,100 notices were issued to the eateries owners after around 6,000 inspections within the last two months.

“We issued notices to the eateries/restaurants to improve cleanliness and maintain hygiene standards. Besides issuing notices, we sealed about 275 eateries/food outlets and in the remaining inspections, fine was imposed on the outlets,” she said.

When asked about the issues the PFA teams might ignore during inspection for being minor ones, she said they varied according to the situation, adding: “If the kitchen staff (cook and chef) forgets wearing headgears and gloves despite their availability, the teams could tell or warn the hotel administration to avoid doing that in future.

Ayesha Mumtaz said the action against those playing with the public health through of unhygienic food would continue without discrimination. She advised the people involved in food businesses to focus on improving the hygiene conditions as per the food safety standards rather than criticising, ignoring or flouting the laws related to with the public health and food.

“But if the kitchen staff don’t wear caps, aprons and gloves, etc. and there are other issues—such as cleanliness in kitchen, freezers, use of expired food/product, unhygienic meat and presence of cockroaches, insects, rats in kitchen—the officials are liable to seal the premises or impose a heavy fine as per gravity of offence and violations,” Ms Mumtaz added.

She said the work on categorisation of eateries and restaurants in grade A, B, C and D would complete soon and it would be easier for the PFA field teams to take action according to grading under the law.

“We want to ensure provision of hygienic food to the people under the law and nothing more. If any restaurant/hotel, no matter small or big, fails to follow the laws, it will be taken to task,” she quoted by the local English daily, Dawn.

Meanwhile, the PFA continued sealing eateries, imposing fine on the owners and disposing of unhygienic milk on Saturday.


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