Will Be Forced To Take To Streets If ECP Doesn’t Satisfy: Imran Khan

Will Be Forced To Take To Streets If ECP Doesn't Satisfy: Imran Khan | PakistanTribe.com

Will Be Forced To Take To Streets If ECP Doesn't Satisfy: Imran Khan | PakistanTribe.comVEHARI – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has stated his party has written a letter to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to seek reply over 40 points of Judicial Commission, formed to probe into alleged rigging. Khan said, “It will be our compulsion to take to the streets if ECP failed to satisfy us on these points.” PTI chief went on to say that reducing poverty is the top priority of any government.

Addressing the farmers’ convention, Imran Khan said that God has blessed Pakistan with fertile land and yet conditions of farmers are deteriorating day by day.

The income of farmers is reducing day by day, he said, adding that every year floods caused by rains wash away lacs of acres of crops. He said if flood water is saved then the farmers will gain billions.

Imran Khan announced that his party, if came into power, would set up a Rs5 billion cotton research institute. The institute, he explained, would be run by the members of farmers’ community.

Imran Khan said that they will unite all farmers in the country and that PTI will stand in solidarity with farmers. He urged the participants to vote for those that help farmers and not to ‘waste’ their votes. He called upon the farming community to vote for those who make policies to make the lives of farmers better and increase their earnings.

“We are here to educate you that do not waste your vote. Stop giving votes on basis of lineage/ family” Imran said.

“Today we are announcing that we will be uniting farmers across Pakistan. We will stand with them. If we want economic growth in the country, we will have to help our farmers first.”

Khan said there was so much potential in Pakistan and “if we lift our poor and farmers, we can turn the country around.”

“We can use flood waters in water reservoirs; we as a nation have to decide how to use water better.”

Global warming is rapidly taking place; we have to decide as a nation to decide how to use water from melting glaciers, he warned.

The PTI chief said that India and China had invested heavily on their respective farmers to combat poverty and improve economy.


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