First Balochi Dictionary Officially Launched

First Balochi Dictionary Officially Launched|

First Balochi Dictionary Officially Launched|

QUETTA – The first comprehensive Balochi dictionary has been launched at the Balochi Academy in Quetta on Sunday.

The Chief Editor of the dictionary is renowned author Mir Jan Mohammad Dashti, a former chairman of the Balochi Academy.

Makran University’s Vice Chancellor Dr Abdul Razak Sabir launched the dictionary at a largely attended ceremony held at the academy.

A large number of prominent intellectuals, writers and poets helped in the preparation of the dictionary through their efforts spanning over 15 years.

The extensive dictionary of modern age is considered the biggest achievement of the Balochi Academy.

Even before its formal launch, its 90 per cent copies were sold, forcing the office-bearers to plan its second edition at the earliest.

Speaking on the occasion, writers urged the Balochistan government to patronise the academy in its outstanding contribution to Balochi literature and at least help print the second edition of the dictionary because the first edition was set to be sold out within days.

Official language of Pakistan’s largest province Balochistan, Balochi is one of the local languages in Pakistan, thousands of Balochis residing in Balochistan and Sindh using it for daily conversation.


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