Shocking: iPhone Survived After Falling From An Aeroplane

Shocking: iPhone Survived After Falling From An Aeroplane|

Shocking: iPhone Survived After Falling From An Aeroplane|

TEXAS – Have you ever dropped your iPhone from such a great height, this is what an American gas tycoon did when he dropped his Apple iPhone out of an airplane and then found it again using the Find My iPhone app.

Ben Wilson, owner of a firm called Gas Corp, was zooming through the skies in a tiny Beechcraft Bonanza airplane when his phone dropped out of the door, plunging a whopping 1.7 miles to the ground below.

Wilson told, “The pressure popped and a newspaper flew out but I didn’t see the phone go,”

“After we got back I looked for it on the floor and in my briefcase but couldn’t find it.”

Wilson only noticed the phone was missing after landing. “I met Ben at the airport and we checked for the phone, even wondered if it might have been left in a rental car. We used his Find My iPhone app and learned it was still alive,” a colleague of Wilson said, “Later I checked the iCloud and could see it was outside of Joplin (Texas).”

Driving to the location of the phone, the Texans enlisted the help of a local donkey, which followed them on their quest. “It was by the side of the road south of Jacksboro, under a mesquite tree […] The donkey pointed out where it was.”

“It was in one piece, scratched a bit on the corners but it still worked.”

It is pertinent to mention here that This is not the first case of an iPhone surviving a great fall. In 2011, an iPhone 4 survived a 1,000ft drop out of the pocket of a skydiving Jump Master from a US Air Force plane.


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