London, The Third Most Expensive City To Live In

London, The Third Most Expensive City To Live In |

London, The Third Most Expensive City To Live In |PakistanTribe.comLondon ranked as the third most expensive city for living, along with billionaire cities in the Cayman Island and Switzerland, according to Expatistan.

Expatistan, which uses crowd funded data to create a cost of living index for a number of world cities, London comes in third in a list of cities by their cost of living, behind Grand Cayman, in the tax haven of the Cayman Islands, and Zurich, in Switzerland.

London has the second most expensive public transport in the world, the third most expensive utility costs, and the fifth most expensive theatre tickets.

It’s the second most expensive city in Europe after Zurich, Switzerland and obviously, the most expensive in the UK.

London has actually dropped down the global list. In July last year, it occupied the number two spot, but has since been overtaken.

London rents were now more than double the national average, and in May it was announced by forecasting group Oxford Economics that it was likely the average home in London would cost £1 million by 2030.

After London, the most expensive UK city is Aberdeen – which has notoriously high rents and prices due to it being a Centre for Britain’s oil industry in the North Sea.

The cheapest city in Western Europe to live in is Lisbon in Portugal, boasting a cost of living index of 127 in comparison to London’s 308.


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