5 Photos That Show Craziness Of People Towards Selfie Sticks

5 Photos That Shows Craziness Of People Towards Selfie Sticks|PakistanTrbie.com

5 Photos That Shows Craziness Of People Towards Selfie Sticks|PakistanTrbie.comMany people are in love with “selfie sticks” because they make it really easy to tell who is and isn’t a complete and absolute douche. That’s valuable information.

The trend for trying to take a good selfie is nothing new but with the development of the selfie stick, people are trying so much harder to get that perfect photo.

Really, selfie sticks should just be called “idiot flags.”

Some people don’t have selfie sticks. So they are forced to make their own.

Never ever underestimate American creativity.

Amazingly, another impressive selfie.

Lol, this looks like a weapon more than a selfie stick.

One more impressive selfie.

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