Shocking: Doctors Discover 20 Lice Living In The Eye Of A Woman

Shocking: Doctors Discover 20 Lice Living In The Eye Of A Woman|

Shocking: Doctors Discover 20 Lice Living In The Eye Of A Woman|

We all have heard of head lice but many of us will shock after knowing that they can have lice on eyelashes too. Same happened with a woman when she discovered that she had lice living in her eye.

Ms Zhang, from Shandong in north east China started feeling itching and a seeping discharge in her left eye.

She was initially unconcerned about her condition as she believed that she had an infection but it was only when her son saw things moving in her eyelid that she was taken to a specialist.

Then, Ms Zhang was admitted to Haida Hospital in Shandong province on July 20, 2015 for a cerebral infarction, a type of stroke.

When she experienced discomfort in her left eye, she thought it was an infection as a result of her illness.

However, by July 22, Ms Zhang could no longer take the itching and asked her son to take a closer look.

Upon inspection, he exclaimed: ‘Mum! There’s stuff moving on your eyelid!’

The woman sought out an eye specialist for her extremely swollen and red left eye.

Eye specialist Dr Bao Guisheng found 20 little worms lying underneath the layer of white discharge in Ms Zhang’s eye.

Dr Bao said: ‘These lice were all white in colour. I thought they were some sort of a parasitic bug, like mites or something, but when we looked through a microscope, we saw that they were lice.’

Ms Zhang’s eye was sterilized and nurses took the tiny critters out one by one with a pair of small tweezers.

It is pertinent to mention here that a man in his thirties was also recently found to have tapeworms in his eyes.

The parasite, called cysticercosis, is usually found in uncooked pork but it can also grow in the human digestive system, muscles, brain and eyeballs.

His consulting physician, Dr Liu Zhuangchan, said: ‘It is relatively easy to treat microscopic bugs, as long as they are just on the eyelid.

‘If they get inside the eyeball, we have to cut the eyeball open to take the parasites out one by one.’

He added that the discomfort should go away immediately after the lice are taken out and that with suitable medication, the patient should fully recover.

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