Chocolate; No Longer A Threat

Chocolate; No Longer A Threat|

Chocolate; No Longer A Threat|

Most people enjoy chocolate and agree that it tastes wonderful, yet they also have misconceptions about its effect on health like the tooth decay, hyperactivity disorders, headaches, allergies and addiction but there are actually numerous health benefits of chocolate.

The real, pure form of chocolate, derived from the Theobroma cacao tree, is a heaven-sent super food that can keep us healthy even as we indulge in its scrumptious taste. Many overly processed chocolates are full of refined sugar and saturated fatty acids, but the real stuff is packed full of plant derived flavanols, full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory constituents and health-boosting ingredients that do all sorts of amazing things for our bodies and minds.

Here we show you the 9 benefits of chocolate that will change your perception regarding the effects of chocolate consumption.

Lower risk of Heart Failure

In a 9-year study conducted by the Swedes of more than 31,000 women, it was found that people who consumed chocolate just 1 to 3 times per month had a 26% lower risk of developing heart failure. If you normally give your sweetheart chocolate, consider making it dark chocolate to provide an extra bit of love to the heart muscle.

Blood Pressure stability:

A meta-analysis published in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews found that those who consume chocolate experience a reduction in blood pressure that means chocolate consumers experience stability in blood pressure and can therefore enjoy life in a much better and healthy way even by consuming the delightful sweet.

Stabilize your mood:

Chocolate increases communication between opiate receptors in the brain as well as supports the production of dopamine, two hormones that increase happiness and contribute to feelings of elation.

Control Cholesterol circulation in body:

Real chocolate, or cocoa, is associated with decreased low-density lipoprotein levels and increased high-density lipoprotein levels. These are important for carrying cholesterol to the liver.

Reduces Stress:
Raw cacao contains N-acylethanolamines that are believed to temporarily increase the levels of anandamide in the brain and enzyme inhibitors that slow its breakdown. This means we feel more relaxed when we eat chocolate.

Natural Pain Killer

Eating chocolate increases our endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers.

Weight Loss:

Raw cacao consumption can help with weight loss as it eradicates sweet cravings. The abundance of antioxidants can also help keep our metabolism running smoothly. An article in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry says you can enjoy cacao several times a week to boost weight loss.

Appetite Control:

Chocolate contains filling fiber, which is a natural appetite suppressant. So, if you give in to that chocolate craving, you may end up eating fewer calories than if you tried to avoid chocolate.

Diabetes Prevention:

Chocolate can be a major factor in preventing the diabetes. In a small Italian study, participants who ate a candy bar’s worth of dark chocolate once a day for 15 days saw their potential for insulin resistance drop by nearly half. “Flavonoids increase nitric oxide production,” says lead researcher Claudio Ferri, M.D., a professor at the University of L’Aquila in Italy. “And that helps control insulin sensitivity.”


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