“Monkey King” Replaces China’s Animation Top Earner “Kung Fu Panda 2”

“Monkey King” Replaces China’s Animation Top Earner “Kung Fu Panda 2”|PakistanTribe.com

“Monkey King” Replaces China’s Animation Top Earner “Kung Fu Panda 2”|PakistanTribe.comBEIJING – The highest earning animated film in Chinese cinema “Kung Fu Panda 2” is being replaced by china’s new animated creation “Monkey King: the Hero Is Back” who has gathered 620 million Yuan( US 99.8 million dollar) till Saturday.

“Monkey King,” a 3D animated adaption of the classical epic “A Journey to the West,” opened in the Chinese mainland on July 10. Its latest box office figure was announced on Saturday by Liu Zhijiang, general manager of HG Entertainment, the film’s production company.

According to some sources the “Monkey King” is much related to India’s Lord Hanuman “like, He protects the 6th century monk using a range of skills and guile to defeat evil characters in the epic.

The Chinese version of Monkey King is playful and occasionally mischievous making him a darling of children in China. He is also the reason why Chinese children learn about India from early childhood.

It’s the film, which crossed the $66 million earning record of Hollywood made Kung Fu Panda2 is seen in China as a big success after years of attempting to produce a successful animated film that can rival imported ones.

Film director Tian Xiao Peng said, “Chinese people have their own values, which means we don’t need to follow the mindset of the West, especially that of the Hollywood,” he told Want China Times. “We used our own traditional stories to resonate with our audiences’ emotions, and technically we tell the story by means of the West.”

Some industry sources said, Dream works which is making Kung Fu Panda3 is expected to challenge it.

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