In USA Robotic Surgery Related To 144 Deaths Since 2000

In USA Robotic Surgery Related To 144 Deaths Since 2000|

In USA Robotic Surgery Related To 144 Deaths Since 2000|PakistanTribe.comNEW YORK – Surgical robots being used in surgery has linked to at least 144 deaths including 1000 injuries from last 14 year time period.

According to a new report of death rates during medical procedures involving robotic equipment and techniques, Surgery involving robots is far from perfect.

The failures included the equipment ‘sparking’ during procedures, causing patients to be burnt.

There were also cases of bits of broken equipment falling into patient’s bodies.

Other injuries were caused by “uncontrolled movements” by the robots and “system errors”.

Report said, some forms of robotic surgery are much riskier than others: the death rate for head, neck, and cardiothoracic surgery is almost 10 times higher than for other forms of surgery.

Robotic surgery has increased dramatically in recent years. Between 2007 and 2013, patients underwent more than 1.7 million robotic procedures in the U.S., the vast majority of them performed in gynecology and urology.

The researchers from the University of Illinois, MIT and Rush University Medical Center pointed out that as filing a malfunction report was only made mandatory in recent years, the numbers almost certainly underestimate the true death and injury count.

The number of deaths doesn’t include a comparison with surgeries carried out without robots – but the report reveals that the number of incidents has not fallen with time.

This indicates that not enough is being done to prevent more of these incidents happening, claimed by researchers.

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