Safoora’s Alleged Mastermind Wanted To Kill Gays, Promoters Of Vulgarity

Safoora’s Alleged Mastermind Wanted To Kill Gays, Promoters Of Vulgarity|

Safoora’s Alleged Mastermind Wanted To Kill Gays, Promoters Of Vulgarity|PakistanTribe.comKarachi – The government and military that supports only American led invading forces and not support the militant’s point of view has been placed on the hit lists of Taliban. While Al Qaeda militants also put forward some other facts as well.

While interrogating, the suspected killer of Sabeen Mahmud and Safoora bus victims told reason behind all this scenario, “Deep neck, skirts, mini-skirts, sleeveless dresses are promoting obscenity in the country and fashion designers are setting up foundation for an obscene and vulgar Pakistan”.

According to their point of view, they perceived that all TV actors were Gay and spreading homosexuality in region, that’s why the hit list recovered from Safoora’s suspects includes 5 names of fashion designers and TV artists.

SP Raja Umar Khattab, in charge Counter Terrorism Unit of Karachi police said,” All journalists, designers and artists are save because the lethal network has now been busted”.

Many terrorists attacks like, Murder of director T2F and American professor Sabeen Mahmud were mastermind plan of Saad Aziz, who is a former graduate of the prestigious institute IBA-Institute of Business Administration.

According to the Frontier Post while quoting to sources, “the hit-list has enlisted artists who, Saad Aziz and his fellow perceived, were Gays and working for spreading it in Pakistani society.”

Sources also added, “Saad Aziz was influenced by the news items appeared in some section of Pakistani media that the United State embassy in Islamabad, which reportedly hosted a meeting of Pakistani gay and lesbians in July 2011, has actively launched a campaign to “spread homosexuality” in the country and “tainting” the posh areas of Lahore and Karachi”.

Aziz’s account on killing Sabeen was background linked back to legalization of Gay marriages in USA, so he wanted to stop spreading of Homosexuality in Pakistan.

According to police sources the fashion designers who made it to hit-list were also believed by the Al Qaeda youth network as Gays.

The hit-list, which police claimed to have recovered from Safoora suspects, which also includes the names of journalists and law enforcers.

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