Indian Army Should Leave Kashmir, Says Noam Chomsky

Indian Army Should Leave Kashmir, Says Noam Chomsky |

Indian Army Should Leave Kashmir, Says Noam Chomsky | PakistanTribe.comBOSON – American philosopher, linguist and a leading public intellectual, Professor Noam Chomsky has said that the Indian troops should leave Kashmir as there have been horrible atrocities in the territory.

Chomsky, in an exclusive interaction with Mehboob Makhdoomi, a Kashmiri author, who recently got into Harvard University in his office at the Massachusetts’s Institute of Technology (MIT) Boston, said, “Kashmir has had an awful story, especially since late 80s after that fake election. There have been horrible atrocities. Therefore, the Indian troops should leave Kashmir.”

A statement from Makhdoomi said, Chomsky advocated that there had to be some kind of sensible negotiation between the two countries, which should lead to steps towards disarmament, cut back military confrontation, and facilitate trade and commercial relations between the two.

“Some breakdown in the hostility is the prerequisite for settlement of Kashmir and Kashmir could be a marvelous place,” he said.

While narrating an incident when he talked about his views on Kashmir during one of his visits in India, Chomsky said he had to take police protection for rest of the time he was in India, since there were BJP demonstrations against him.

Chomsky appreciated the work of political scientist Eqbal Ahmad and Indian political activist and writer Arundhati Roy but admitted that it is still not enough.


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