Do Lie Detectors Actually Work?

Do Lie Detectors Actually Work? |

Do Lie Detectors Actually Work? |PakistanTribe.comLONDON – Lie detectors are sensors strapped across feet, legs, back chest, forehead and little flinch recorded by the computer program.

Could this be the invention to change the way we get confessions? Could it really being used by police stations as a matter of routine in the next 10 years?

A lie detector test is so advanced that it’s promising to put the traditional polygraph machines on the junkyard and revolutionize criminal investigations in the UK and across the globe.

It’s a landmark invention from British and Dutch scientists.

Currently the traditional polygraph machine measures a suspect’s blood pressure, pulse, breathing and skin conductivity, to help tell if someone lying.

But now this new invention from University of Lancaster and colleagues in Holland, could change all that.

They discovered that when people try to think up a lie and then stick to it they fidget more.

So by using the £30,000 motion capture technology from Dutch company “Xsens” similar to that used by actor Andy Serkis when he played “The Hobbit’s Gollum”, they could create a computer avatar of the suspect, which would help the program identify every tiny twitch.

This is a serious bit of kit with 17 sensors registering movement at up to 120 times per second in three dimensions on 23 joints, there’s no escape.

Prof Taylor said, “What happens is that you are so busy focusing on creating a story that you lose control of your body. It has been known for some time but it has been difficult to demonstrate.

He also added, “The suit is incredibly sensitive and can pick up things that the eye can’t see. It is bulky and takes time to put on but we are working on something that looks like a name badge. It is a tradeoff between size and sophistication.”

The research is still in its beginning and at the moment they are working on improving its 75% accuracy rate but it’s already a lot more versatile that its traditional counterparts.

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