Study Reveals People Who Wait Badly For Weekends Hate Their Jobs

Study Reveals People Who Wait Badly For Weekends Hate Their Jobs|

Study Reveals People Who Wait Badly For Weekends Hate Their Jobs|

Many people from the working class anxiously waits for weekends as having a hectic routine and working throughout the day isn’t a piece of cake until and unless you feel lucky and happy to have the job you love.

A recent study has found that we usually feel happier at weekends than during the week but for people who are happy with their boss and jobs, this so-called ‘weekend effect’ is considerably smaller.

The weekend effect clearly reflects the difference between positive and negative emotions on weekdays compared to weekends.

Researchers from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that employees who work in a ‘healthy and favourable’ working environments report positive emotions throughout the week and this barely changes at the weekend.

Meanwhile, people who don’t enjoy or love their job or see their superiors as bosses rather than friends, have higher levels of negative emotions on weekdays and higher levels of positive emotions at weekends.

The data was taken from answers given to the Gallup/Healthways US Daily Poll between 2008 and 2012

During this four-year period, Gallup randomly interviewed 1,000 adults every day, to the total of 1.77 million.

The poll asks respondents to report which emotions, from a list of seven, they feel on a particular day.

These emotions include happiness, enjoyment, and laughter, as well as worry, sadness, anger, and stress.

It also asked how many hours during the week and at weekends the respondents spent socially with friends and family, including email and phone communication.

‘We can see that individuals generally have higher levels of positive emotions and lower levels of negative emotions [generally],’ said the researchers.

‘Positive emotions are higher on weekends than weekdays, with the reverse applying to negative emotions.’

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